About Us


The Patronato de la Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (ProUNI) is a non-profit civil association, composed of natural and legal persons, whose purpose is to contribute to raise the academic quality of the National Engineering University; as well as to expand and consolidate the relations of the UNI with the business sector.


Develop activities aimed at raising the level of academic excellent of the National Engineering University at the service of business and the community.


To become an intitution that promotes the academic excellence and training of pre-graduate and post-graduate students of the National Engineering University, which contributes to the aggrandizement of our country.


  • Support the National University of Engineering in its efforts to raise the level of academic excellence to the service of production and business productivity; science and technology, as well as the welfare of the community.
  • Expand and consolidate the relations of the National Engineering University with the business sector.
  • Promote and contribute to the development of the physical infrastructure and equipment of the National Engineering University.


ProUNI is constituted by a Directive Council, a Management and an Administrative Area integrated by the following people:



Ing. Roque Eduardo Benavides Ganoza

First Vice-president:

Ing. Fernando Cillóniz Benavides

Second Vice-president:

Arq. Eva Arias

Secretary of Economy:

Ing. Francisco Augusto Beartl Montori

Secretary of Organization:

Ing. César Augusto Pongo Huamán

Secretary of Corporate Issues:

Ing. Oscar González Rocha

Secretary of Public Relations:

Ing. Filiberto Revilla Delgado



Mrs. Vilma Chumpitasi Rocca

Institutional Image

Mrs. Mercedes Valderrama Acuña


The statutes of our association are listed in the following documental that you can read here.

Patronato de la Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería
Calle Guillermo Marconi 210, San Isidro, Lima 27, Perú
Telefax: 421- 2706