Interview with Ing. Roque Benavides Ganoza - President of the UNI Board of Trustees

"The university and the company complement each other and must work together for a better education"

Ing. Roque Benavides Ganoza, Presidente del Patronato de la UNI: After assuming the presidency of ProUNI, what are the main contributions of your management to raise the academic excellence of the university?

I believe that following in the footsteps of Mr. Alberto Benavides and Mr. Guido del Castillo, who were also in charge of the UNI Board of Trustees, is to fill a very large void; But what it is about is to continue the work they did and, in that sense, continue with their legacy, helping UNI to integrate with the business sector, having the support of its graduates to develop their projects and, of course, support students with more scholarships and contribute to their comprehensive training.

How are you expanding and consolidating UNI's relationships with the business sector?

We have started with some talks, summoning illustrious UNI graduates who belong to the business sector and who contribute to a better relationship between the university and the company. We are fully convinced that business and university must be closely linked, both in the field of talent management and in that of research and innovation. The university and the company complement each other and must work together for a better education for the benefit of all Peruvians.

What are the sectors most committed to ProUNI?

It is clear that the most committed sectors are all engineering companies. We are integrated with civil, mining, and environmental engineering, also with architecture and all the professions that are developed at UNI. As we know, engineering is nothing other than technical and economic, and UNI has the responsibility of applying technological development, also taking care that there is a solid economy in our country.

How much are the resources allocated by companies annually for scholarships managed by the Board of Trustees?

Annually, there are several companies that make important contributions for the scholarships managed by the Board of Trustees. Such is the case of Southern Peru that contributes 40 thousand dollars a year, Inversiones Benavides that contributes 72 thousand dollars a year, and Minera Poderosa that contributes 150 thousand soles a year, among other private entities that make donations and collaborate with the Board. We thank all of them for their constant support that allows us to continue advancing and working for the education of UNI students.

How is the Board supporting to face the Covid-19 pandemic?

We have supported various research initiatives that students have had in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It should be noted that some companies have also made contributions, through UNI, and this has led to the formation of a synergy to face this crisis. We cannot fail to mention the mechanical fans developed by university researchers, for which support was also received from the private sector.

What is the legacy you want to leave to the university community, through ProUNI?

UNI has illustrious alumni, from its founders to the founders of the board of trustees, who have preceded us and have traced the path that we are traveling today. It is them we must follow. And in that sense, the objective, as we have mentioned, is to increasingly integrate the university and academia with the business community, promoting more opportunities for the youth of UNI. If we manage to maintain this link between the real world and the academic world, we will have achieved the objective that we have set ourselves at ProUNI. 

December 2020 Newsletter - N ° 36

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